A group of residents in Barnes say they do not feel safe in their homes after being left without a communal door for over three months.

The door in their block, which has eight houses with 20 families, was vandalised three months ago.

Sarah Robertson, who has lived in the block for 12 years, said: “We reported the incident the day it happened, but three months later there has been no replacement.

“Richmond Housing Partnership have given us three dates for when they will replace the door, but these have both been missed.

"RHP have not communicated effectively with us and we haven’t been told why there has been such a delay. They have not anwsered my calls either

“We do not feel safe in our homes and are outraged at the landlord.

"There is a lady in the block who is 100 years old – she was recently hospitalised another RHP tenant attacked her a few years ago. She is feeling particularly vulnerable.”

Ms Robertson showed the Richmond and Twickenham Times a letter which was signed by the most affected residents in the block, with other people in the block supporting them.

A spokesperson for RHP said: “We apologise to our customers who’ve been affected by this and for any inconvenience caused. As the original door was vandalised we’ve had to have a new one custom built which takes longer than a typical repair.

"The door is due for imminent delivery and it’s a high priority for us to fit this as soon as we’ve taken delivery of it.”

Conservative councillor for Mortlake and Barnes Common, Cllr Gemma Curran said: “I’m listening to local residents who are understandably concerned, and I have been pressing Richmond Housing Partnership to ensure they communicate fully as well as explore interim options whist the door is built”.

The block in question has not been named for security reasons.