Richmond could have a speed limit of 20mph across the borough as early as next year.

A council consultation on the policy will open by the end of September, with the Liberal Democrat administration promising to push on with the idea if the public supports it.

At a council meeting on September 11, cabinet member for transport Cllr Alexander Ehmann said: “We believe the change will benefit our community, but we want residents to back the idea.

“As such the council will be launching a borough-wide 20mph consultation at the end of September, and this will be supplemented by a series of community conversations and events throughout October, November and December.

“If residents support our plans, we will look forward to a 20mph borough in 2019.”

He said the move would make it safer for children, pointing to a 2014 survey by road safety charity Brake that showed two in five children had been hit or were nearly hit while on foot or a bicycle.

He also cited data that suggested a 1mph decrease in average vehicle speed in the borough would mean there would be 26 fewer crashes each year – with that number rising in the event of greater reduction.

And in the event of a person being hit, they are much less likely to die if struck at 20mph than at 30mph or faster.

Cllr Ehmann said: “Richmond Park has a 20mph speed limit in it, and if it’s good enough for the deer, it’s good enough for our residents.”