A Richmond boat club celebrated their fifth anniversary this summer with a ball held at the Richmond Hill Hotel.

Richmond Bridge Boat Club started in 2013 and is run voluntarily by its members. The club have 120 members, with rowing taking place most days throughout the year.

The club is a mix of various ages, careers and interests, but all the members have an interest in rowing ‘on one of the most beautiful stretches of the river’.

Other than rowing, the club also organises and hold events off the water throughout the year, including the ball to celebrate the club’s anniversary.

Armelle Owen-Navet, 34, who was part of team (v) Botes for women at the Great River Race (GRR), has been a member for 1 year, she said: “This was my first year of racing the GRR and what an incredible experience it was, completely unforgettable.

“RBBC has genuinely been life changing for me, learning the skill of rowing, the beauty of the river Thames and meeting brand new friends that I hold dear."

Two free taster sessions are held on Thursday at 7pm and Sunday at 8.30am. For full information go to richmondbridgeboatclub.org