A new, fairer approach to how Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) are approved was endorsed by Richmond Council last week.

The change means decisions on whether to implement a CPZ will take account of the overall levels of participation and support in a consultation, rather than focusing on requiring most consulted households to support a CPZ introduction.

A streamlined one-stage consultation period will be introduced to help make the process simpler and more cost effective.

Cllr Alexander Ehmann, Cabinet Member for Transport, Street Scene and Air Quality said: “The issue with the old approach to CPZ consultations was that over 50 per cent of households in a given area had to support a CPZ before the Council would act. As a result, large numbers of non-responsive residents could deny a CPZ to areas of strong need, simply by failing to engage.

“Silence will no longer be interpreted as opposition to the implementation of a CPZ. We will now consider the introduction of CPZs based on levels of support from those participating in the consultation.”