A boat race described as ‘London’s River Marathon’ will end in Richmond this Saturday.

The Great River Race passes under Richmond Bridge, finishing outside Ham House.

The course runs for 21 miles, starting in Millwall and passing through Westminster, with over 330 crews taking part from all over the world.

Iain Symons, 59, who organised a crew from the Thames Traditional Boat Society to take part, said: “It’s a magnificent event. It’s quite a spectacle, and so fun to take part in.

“It ticks all the boxes from the society’s perspective and a lot of the members want to take part.

“It’s an opportunity to have a bit of fun and be part of a great day.”

The first finishers are expected to arrive at 1pm.

Like the road marathon, the colourful race involves a mixture of serious competitors and casual participants.

Many use the race as a fundraising opportunity, staging charity stunts and sporting fancy dress.

Debuting in 1988 when just 61 boats were involved, the event has steadily grown, attracting crews from as far as Australia.

For more information visit: www.greatriverrace.co.uk