Richmond families are being encouraged to close their roads for a day to encourage children to play outside.

This is part of national Car Free Day, on September 22. Richmond council is encouraging people to hold a play street, by closing their roads to through-traffic for up to four hours.

It means children will be able to play outside, with their friends, family or neighbours.

To encourage as many streets as possible to take part, the Council is waiving the administration costs to the road closures.

They are also making available a number of grants of up to £250 to enable neighbours to plan activities that will entice people out of their homes and onto the streets.

Cllr Alexander Ehmann, Richmond Council Cabinet Member for Transport, Street Scene and Air Quality, said: “We have a wonderful set of parks and open spaces in Richmond Borough, but turning the street outside our homes into a more rich and rewarding space; one that brings communities together and allows young people to laugh, play and have fun is a great opportunity.”

People will have to get permission to have their street closed and as part of the process they’ll need to speak to their neighbours in case there are any objections.

Residents will also be responsible for organising and supervising their event, including ensuring someone is there to allow safe access if required for residents’ cars and emergency vehicles.

Anyone can apply, providing their street isn’t a main road, bus route or emergency vehicle route.