A local actress is performing at the Edinburgh Fringe festival for the first time in thirty years.

Rebecca Johnson, 48, grew up in Twickenham and is part of The Song of Lunch this month at the Fringe.

The play is written by Christopher Reid and stars Robert Bathurst alongside Rebecca. Set in a Soho Italian restaurant Christopher

Reid’s comedy is intertwined with animations by Charles Peattie also known as Alex cartoon at The Daily Telegraph, in this ‘bittersweet tragicomedy of love, loss and Chianti’.

Rebecca spoke about how she got involved in the play, she said: “It came about because my friend suggested I have a read of the script and I really enjoyed it. The writing from Christopher Reid is wonderful, he is a very immediate poet. It’s a wonderful piece of writing.

“Working with Charles and Robert is great. Charles is wonderful and has created something that is fun and set up animations that go with the play to interact with the audience, the whole combination is unusual, but it works and is unique. I love sharing a stage with Robert he is fun, talented and experienced.”

Rebecca lived near Ham Common until 18 months and moved to Twickenham. She attended a school in Petersham before moving to Grey Court, Godolphin and Latymer. It was at school where she found a passion for the arts.

She said: “At that time, Richmond was more detached from London. It was more suburban, I love the green areas. Getting the bus to school, I passed so many lovely areas. It is very idyllic. I was part of a fantastic drama and ballet school and that is where my passion started.

“One of GCSE teachers got me some work experience at the Orange Tree. It was great too be in that environment for a week and I learnt a lot. I got a great insight into what the acting world is like.

“One thing I realised was how welcoming, generous and nice everyone was. They took an interest in me and really looked after me.

“I am regularly visiting my mum and sister in Twickenham. It really is a hotbed for creative artists.”

This is the fourth time Rebecca has played at the Fringe, but the first time in 30 years. She played there three times before going to drama school and said she has loved being back to a hotbed of creative talent.

She said: “The first performances have gone really well. One of the biggest challenges has been the lack of prep time and dress rehearsals we get. Because of the nature of the fringe and the number of shows we don’t get a chance to rehearse.

“That made the first show exciting, there was loads of adrenaline. In traditional theatre shows you get weeks to prepare but everything is shared here, which makes it a challenge. It does mean artists can’t be precious and must get on with it.

“It makes you more self-sufficient and teaches self-discipline.” The Song of Lunch will be on until Monday, August 27 at Pleasance Courtyard (Forth).