A passionate Richmond photographer has made a film highlighting what it is like to live with a borderline personality disorder.

Anna McGrane, 21, is an entrepreneurial film maker and photographer, who focuses on tackling social issues through her medium.

She has previously won awards and photographed the likes of Prince William and Ellie Goulding. She made the short film Lyra, which tells the story of a young women’s experiences of overcoming mental health difficulties.

Lyra was funded by SLaM and Anna drew on her own mental health experiences and her friends to help write the film. She said: “Borderline personality disorder is something that has been misunderstood.

“I wanted to look at what it is like to live with it, trying to change the current, mainstream view on mental health issues. To help with the film I worked with therapists and people who have it to get a real idea of the disorder.

“I was overwhelmed with the amount of people who came and supported me at the film screening. It was sometime difficult to film because it is such a hard topic. The atmosphere during filming was always positive and everyone involved was great!”

Anna is pitching the film to several film festivals and hopes to make a longer version looking at mental health issues in great detail.

She started making film from the age of 12, she said: “None of my teachers really knew how to edit so I had to teach myself. Even though I did a course I have mainly taught myself.”

Anna’s family live in Richmond and she lives in Battersea. Lyra will be made public later this year.