Backup Everything, a Cloud Backup company from Richmond is urging people to backup their Mac-based machines as it is often being neglected with nothing in place to prevent data loss. 

Office documents, spreadsheets, family photos and more would be vulnerable to virus threats or potential ransomware attacks that it is important to make sure an extra layer of protection is there. 

Saaher Muzafer, who is the MD of the business says, “Most of our customers have Windows PC’s, Laptops or Servers, however, there are still a fair few who do have Macs and it is amazing to see how these are not backed up”.

The culture we are in of fast-paced technology changes and wanting things done quickly can often be a reason to forget simple things such as backing up data. With the explosion of iCloud especially as the main reason, actual data backup on Macs is forgotten. 

In Richmond, there are many graphic designers, architects and other professional service companies using Macs every day, so to think that these are not backed up offsite, is a worrying trend. 

Backup Everything can easily be installed on a Mac and setting up backup sets takes a few mins.  The user can do this themselves and can follow the easy to set up screens that guide them throughout the process. 

The key to backup is ironically not so much backing up the data, its knowing it can be restored should the need arise. Granted backing up to an external USB disk and taking that away from the business every night is an old school method which is still used today across many local businesses but long term this is becoming less viable. 

Saaher adds, “It’s about preventing the: – What if, or If only moment, once you realize that your Mac isn’t backed up. It’s never too late and even though it may seem like something at the bottom of the “things to do list / low priority” list, it must be taken seriously. 

Windows has caught up with processor speeds and applications, however, Macs are well known for their reliability and user experience which some judge as being better than PCs. Files that are created, drawings designed, financial documentation are the main types of data that is being backed up. 

The concept of Cloud Backup has been around for decades, the main push to make the awareness now has been helped by the recent GDPR regulations and high profile news stored in relation to Cyber attacks and information being stolen digitally by criminals. 

Macs are far less used than Windows in terms of market share but are equally important as for businesses they present an important part of working life. The data here must be protected at all times and be able to be restored should the need arise. 

With over 800 customers and huge growth in the Richmond business, Backup Everything is well poised to backup Mac machines and ensure business continuity for customers.