A resident is working to engender community support for a forgotten corner of Teddington.

Stephanie Stewart-Duncan, 38, organised a community day to help clean up the Addison Road playground.

She spoke about the litter in the park and anti-social behaviour, leaving the area unused with many residents ‘scared’ to go to the

park, especially at night.

She said: “There has been a lot of anti-social behaviour in the park this summer, with youngsters leaving litter around it. I set up this day to try and clean up the park and make it more presentable and useable.”

Between 80-100 people came through on Saturday, July 14 to help clean up the park. This included residents, families, off duty police officers and local councillors.

Stephanie said: “It was great to see so many people come along. There were people of all ages and it was a great day. We had people picking up litter and planting flowers. The park looks much better now and has stayed clean.

“I felt touched by the support this received from everyone. We are going to run another, smaller community day in September, as we were donated a number of seeds which only blossom in the winter.”

Stephanie said she will continue to work on keeping the park clean and said the police regularly visit in schools to speak to students about anti-social behaviour.