Managers at Squire’s garden centre spend the day working on the shop floor.

This came about following a suggestion in Squire’s annual employee survey and is called ‘feet on the floor.’

Deputy chairman Sarah Squire said: “It’s been a fantastic experience, definitely one that we will repeat again. I worked in the Café Bar at Squire’s in Shepperton serving customers and clearing tables.

“It was very refreshing to be out doing something different from my normal day job. I absolutely loved it. I asked to work in a café bar because I was a Saturday girl in my youth, so I had experienced working in the garden centre shop and plant areas over many years.

“In those days, we did not have restaurants, so I was very keen to gain a hands-on understanding of some of the challenges my colleagues face in the café bars.”

Finance director Mark Wilson was kept busy assembling garden furniture at Squire’s in Reigate while managing director Martin Breddy helped with goods-in and stock replenishment at West Horsley, followed by a busy day in the Plant Area at Squire’s in Cobham.

Group Marketing Manager Karen Smith worked in the Plant Area at Squire’s in Twickenham. She said: “Customers asked a range of gardening questions throughout the day and I was so impressed by the diverse knowledge of our team. What really struck me was how quickly stock moved.”