Businesses from across the area met at the House of Lords last week to discuss Brexit. 

The event was organised by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, with more than 55 businesses in attendance, as well as Moor Blatch Solicitors and KSBC. 

Cllr Gareth Roberts and Cllrs Acton and Palmer also gathered at an independent chamber forum discussion which was chaired by Sky News. Baroness Susan Kramer of Richmond Park, was MP for Richmond Park between 2005-2010, hosted a Q&A. 

A number of concerns were aired including barriers to international trade, employment, trade with the Commonwealth and non-EU trading. 

During the forum, Cllr Gareth Roberts reiterated his opposition against the third runway at Heathrow Airport. He asked Baroness Kramer if there is still a case for Heathrow's expansion if businesses are leaving the UK because of Brexit. 

Baroness Kramer said: “When we talk to businesses in the wider London area, they [businesses] want the expansion in Heathrow. Businesses are furious with Brexit and I think the Heathrow expansion has been a way to say tell business to live with Brexit and all its problems, but the government are going to do something really nice for you. I still think the third runway won’t go ahead.

“Cllr Gareth and others will make sure the expansion is challenged and fought in the courts. But the bigger issue is the finances will fall to pieces. Looking at the governments' cost-benefit analysis of the expansion, a cost of £0 comes up because of the private sector investment. 

“I don’t see how it will go ahead unless the airlines are charged extortionate fees to use it and that’s why they aren’t supportive of it. You’re never going to pay back the cost of it.”

The Chamber of Commerce provided the following statement: "The Borough’s businesses have very mixed views on London Heathrow expansion and consequently the Richmond Chamber of Commerce cannot hold ‘a view’, as each individual business has weighed up the pro’s and cons of expansion from their own business’ perspective.’

In June, MPs backed the construction of a third runway, with 415 MPs voting in favour of the plans. Authorities in Hillingdon, Richmond and Wandsworth are all opposed to the expansion and will launch a legal challenge.