The National Archives hosted a dance and film evening to mark the 90th anniversary of women securing equal voting rights.

On Wednesday, July 4, over a hundred members of the public gathered together to create ‘inspiring dance performances,’ which were shown alongside professional dance films.

Children from St Stephan's Church of England Primary School took part in a two-day workshop, where they learnt about the suffragette movement.

The event was in partnership with London’s Combination Dance Company.

The event was a ‘thought-provoking and inspiring evening, where we remembered the historical battle for the vote while addressing modern gender equality issues with people of all ages’.

Philippa Bilton, a relative of suffragette Emily Wilding Davison: “It was so humbling to see such amazing talent from all age groups and the interpretations were so considered and very moving at times. I was privileged to be there.”

Liz Bachour, headteacher at St Stephan’s Church of England Primary School said: "I am so proud that the year six children were chosen to perform and be filmed at the National Archives to mark the centenary of women getting the vote.

“Our children took part in a fantastic two-day dance workshop on women's suffrage, where they learned about the struggle of the brave suffragettes and got to empathise with their plight by creating some fabulous dance routines."