A Molesey resident has released his second children’s book, “The Big and the Little Monster Visit the Seaside”.

Adam Searle, 37, has always had a passion for writing. However, due to his dyslexia teacher dismissed the idea of Adam becoming a writer.

He said: “I was born with a vivid imagination and my creativity grew over the years. I wrote my first story, “The Big and The Little Monster,” in my first year of senior school. My teachers refused to believe that I could become a writer and tried to discourage me.

“I spent many years overcoming my difficulties and wrote, submitted and inquired to many publishers and agents. In 2016 I decided to go independent and to go into self-publishing.

“There are still challenges ahead for independent authors, not least, in getting our work out. Waterstones do take self-published material but only if that author has a wholesaler. Even independent bookshops do not want to take the risk in taking in self-published books.”

Adam’s second book follows on from the first, is aimed at young children from the age if three. Both books are illustrated by Wendy Trinder. His first book was given a five star review on Amazon.