Global Fashion Exchange (GFX) have teamed up the West London Waste Authority to overhaul the nation’s shopping habits.

They welcomed people to an event in London where they were able to learn about sustainable fashion and participate in a fashion swap.

This is part of a wider campaign to raise awareness about waste resulting from fashion. The campaign is led be GFX founder Patrick Duffy and highlights the environmental damage fashion is having.

According to the Fashion Revolution, 25 per cent of the carbon footprint of clothes comes from the way we care for them. One million tonnes of synthetic fibres discharge into wastewater year, this is the equivalent of almost 53,000 plastic bottles.

As such, if everyone wore their clothes more, carbon, water and waste footprints could be reduced by up to 30%.

Patrick said: “Fashion has become disposable, at the detriment to our planet and more needs to be done.”

West London Waste Authority has a recycling site in Richmond.