A mother of four has been left devastated after her daughter was left with a fractured skull after being hit by a bike.

Eloise Smith, nine, was playing football with friends in Jubilee Gardens, Mortlake High Street, when a cyclist rode by at high speed, with his dog attached by a leash to the bike.

Distraught mother Claire Mayer said the dog lead struck Eloise's legs, knocking her over.

The cyclist then stopped to remove Eloise's shoe from his bike wheel, before cycling off.

The cyclist returned a short time later and briefly spoke to Claire. However, Claire says she was unable to take his details as she was tending to her daughter. He left the scene again.

Eloise was taken to Kingston Hospital after the incident, where it was found that she had suffered a fractured skull.

She has since been discharged but remains an outpatient at St George's Hospital, Tooting.

Claire, 42, said: “I was so upset when the incident happened, the biker had plenty of room to go around her! He didn’t even stop until someone told him he had knocked Eloise over.

“I now have to watch her all day, she can’t go back to school until September. She can’t go out and play with her friends and brother and she doesn’t understand why. I just pray over the next three to four months that she doesn’t have any problems with the fracture as it is very close to her spine.

“I work at a nursing home and have had to take emergency leave, which I cannot do for months. Aside from that Eloise won’t be able to enjoy her summer holiday, she cannot do anything apart from walk around. I’m so thankful to have so much help and support around me. My mum, Terry, my sister, Lisa, two elder daughters, Sophie and Jade and my best friend and neighbour, Sam have all been here for me.”

Eloise won’t be able to go back to school this academic year and will also be unable to take part in PE for up to four months. Claire was told by doctors that her daughter is lucky to be alive.

Police are investigating the incident which took place on Friday, June 29 at around 7:45pm.

Police are appealing for the man, or anyone with information to come forward.

They are looking for a white man, aged between 50 and 60 with grey hair. He was wearing a light green T-shirt and khaki green fisherman style hat.

Contact the police on 101 quoting reference 1996/2 July with any information.