MPs have voted for the controversial plans to build a third runway at Heathrow Airport.

The government won the key vote with a 296 majority, with Tory MPs under orders to support the government's position.

Residents in Twickenham and Richmond are not happy with the results.

Karen Taylor, said: “I am not happy with the government's decision because I think the move is being driven by international big business interests. Heathrow is owned by Ferrovial, which is largely controlled by Spanish and Singaporean shareholders. They have no interest or concern for the local community or increased flight tickets.

“Furthermore, 800 houses will be knocked down to build the runway. Many of these houses are in historic villages. The chances of a plane crash in a densely populated area will also be hiked dramatically. And to top it all, they are going to have to close parts of the UK’s busiest motorway to build the new runway – the M25. It really is madness."

COO at City AM and West Twickenham resident, Harry Owen is divided on the runway: "On the one hand, there is a compelling business case for expansion at Heathrow airport, given the opportunity, it presents for much needed economic growth. However, as a long-term resident of Twickenham, I'm firmly with the majority, in opposition to expansion - particularly as there were a number of alternative proposals on the table.”

Julian Nowak chose Richmond as the place for his new business, said: “The addition of noise and air pollution as well as the constant distractions during the talks we hold would definitely be a downer for the location and lead us to consider re-routing."

Julian and Karen both said they were delighted that the council and Zac Goldsmith will continue to campaign against the expansion.

Zac Goldsmith MP, Richmond Park said: “It was a disappointing vote, but it changes very little. It is worth remembering that Parliament voted for expansion ten years ago, and yet it never happened.

“The obstacles today are far bigger than they were ten years ago, and the case for expansion is far weaker. The legal challenge against the Government’s decision is enormously powerful, and for that and many other reasons I do not believe it can or will happen.”

Richmond council have joined Wandsworth, Hillingdon, and Hammersmith & Fulham councils to oppose the expansion.

Cllr Gareth Roberts, leader of Richmond Council, said: “The councils have pointed out repeatedly that Heathrow contributes to illegal and lethal air pollution. Even with measures to cope with pollution, a new airport will cause further deterioration and, risks illegal levels of pollution in the future. We will fight this proposal through the courts.”

Cllr Ravi Govindia, Leader of Wandsworth Council, said: “The Government should be reducing noise for the communities affected but instead it is making it worse. The local authorities have said repeatedly that the noise impacts from the runway are unacceptable."