Richmond, The American International University will be supporting Professors without Borders.

The university will provide university lecturers and professors for children in countries where they cannot access it.

The professors will be able to provide first-class education without needing to go abroad and among the staff will be former student Tessy Antony De Luxembourg who went on to become a founder of Professors Without Borders.

The university is supporting the social enterprise in various ways including internships and support on projects.

John Annette, President of Richmond, The American International University in London said: “We’re proud to be supporting Professors Without Borders. In developing countries, many young people don’t have the chance to learn because they’re a girl, or come from a poor family, or live in a rural area.

“Our work with Professors Without Borders will help change this, ensuring that more people will have access to a high quality education and greater opportunities in their own country.

“By reducing the need for students to go abroad, it will also help stop the ‘brain drain’ effect of high potential students leaving their country for a better education which is expensive and may risk them not returning.”

The Professors Without Borders team are currently planning for a summer school taking place in Sierra Leone in July and August 2018, with Richmond providing three interns to support the team.

In addition, the charity operates its own ‘Think Tank’ to share learning with other academics and policy makers. Several papers are published each year based on experience gained in each country.