Richmond housing association tenants and leaseholders struggling to resolve issues with landlords can now contact a new tenants' champion.

Hampton Wick resident Cllr Jim Millard will help to resolve complaints tenants have with landlords, such as anti-social behaviour and repair issues.

The borough’s new Tenants’ Champion will be continuing the work of his predecessors, who have helped more than 400 tenants and leaseholders since the post was created in 2011.

The father-of-two, property maintenance business owner and actor will work with all ward councillors and local MPs to support tenants who feel their problems have not been resolved through existing complaints procedures.

Cllr Millard said: “As new Tenants’ Champion I am delighted to have been given this role to help residents who have unresolved issues with social housing providers.

“This is an area that I am very familiar with - I live on a housing estate and I want to assure residents that their voice will be heard when problems occur in their tenancies.

“For most housing association tenants services run well and complaints are dealt with in a timely and satisfactory manner. However, when they don’t and the complaints process is exhausted the Tenants Champion can step in and help mediate a conclusion.

“We are a listening council and are happy to become involved with housing associations to ensure proper consideration of our residents’ issues.”

To contact the Tenants’ Champion visit