A new coin commemorating Queen Elizabeth II's sapphire jubilee was presented to The Horse Rangers Association at Hampton Court.

The Bradford Exchange released the Gold Quarter Sovereign coin to celebrate Her Majesty becoming the first British monarch to reach the sixty-fifth anniversary of their coronation.

It depicts the Queen on horseback, recalling a similar image from the first commemorative coin of her reign - the 1953 Coronation Crown.

Stable manager Theresa Barrett said: “What a great morning! We would like to thank The Bradford Exchange for their kind donation as we rely on fundraising and public support to keep the stables going.

"Having met the Queen, I know how incredibly passionate she is about horses and the positive impact they can have in encouraging children to develop and grow as individuals.

"It was therefore an honour to receive this equestrian coin commemorating Her Majesty’s sapphire coronation jubilee.”

There have been just 2,018 Gold Quarter Sovereigns issued, and The Bradford Exchange also donated two other commemorative coins, with the value of all three being more than £1,500.

Managing director Stephen Lee said: "We could not have found a more appropriate and deserving charity to receive this donation.

"We are delighted that our coins will help The Horse Rangers Association to continue with the amazing support it gives children and teenagers, teaching them equestrian skills and responsibilities that help them build confidence and friendships that set them up for life.”