A woman walking her dog has been charged and knocked over by a female deer in Richmond Park.

It's currently birthing season and it's believed the wild doe had a newborn fawn.

Adam Curtis, Park Manger for Richmond Park, said: “Unfortunately, a woman walking her dog at the weekend was knocked over by a female deer defending her new born baby.

"Importantly, she wasn’t injured, but it’s a frightening incident and a warning that dog walkers should steer clear of deer.

"We ask that all visitors respect the welfare of our very vulnerable new arrivals and take simple steps to help their mothers protect them.

"Deer will act defensively if they feel their young are under threat and can cause serious injury to humans and kill dogs should they charge.

“No one wants to be responsible for serious harm or abandonment befalling a newborn deer. With a little extra care, you can help us make sure this year’s young thrive.”

Dog walkers in Richmond and Bushy Parks are urged to take extra care, keep them on a leash and stick to busy areas.

Female deer protect their newborns by hiding them in dense bracken or long grass, making them difficult to detect.

Every year, baby deer are killed at the parks by dog attacks

Human contact can be equally devastating, and touching, or even approaching, a very young deer may result in it being abandoned by its mother and failing to survive.

Between May and July every year, more than 300 deer are born in Bushy and Richmond Parks.

This year’s first baby – a red deer – was born in Richmond Park over the weekend of the Royal Wedding.

It's not known was the sex is yet, but the Royal Parks have said it could end up being named Harry or Meghan.

Richmond resident, Sir David Attenborough, said: “Richmond Park is a National Nature Reserve and a fabulous place to spot red and fallow deer.

"The herds are wonderful to watch but please do remember that they are wild, unpredictable animals and their space must be respected.

“Deer can feel threatened by dogs, even when they’re a long way off, so always keep dogs on a lead around the deer.”

If a deer does charge, dog walkers are advised to let go of the lead so the dog can run away from danger.

The deer is very unlikely to give chase - it just wants the dog to be a safe distance from its young.

Birthing season is from now until the end of June.

To report an injury to a human, dog or a deer, please contact:

Richmond Park: 0300 061 2200 or email richmond@royalparks.org.uk

Bushy Park: 0300 061 2250 or email bushy@royalparks.org.uk