A Teddington recruitment company has said it will move to Ireland to 'ensure its survival' post Brexit.

Aim Hire, in the High Street, employs 100 IT consultants and service providers globally.

Its owners, who also have Irish citizenship, have said they will move the business to Dublin if Brexit goes ahead.

Kevin McMahon, director of Aim Hire, said: "Over the years British businesses have been encouraged to build and grow their companies globally, but as the UK is part of the EU and the EU is the largest marketplace in the world it is the logical region to focus on.

"Aim Hire built it’s business in Europe and now we are having this market taken away from us.

"Not only was the argument for leaving the EU built on lies, it is also being driven by vested interests of the far Right Wing in the UK with a vision of turning the UK into a Western Singapore: low regulations, low immigration, low tax and a haven for the ultra-rich.

"I need to ensure the survival of my company and the only way to guarantee this is to move to the EU.

"The Irish Government is welcoming us with open arms, offering all sorts of incentives, whilst our government sits on it’s hands, useless in the negotiations with no where to turn to and being driven by a zealous group of Billionaire’s lickspittles with an idiotically selfish view of the Britain of the future."

About 60 per cent of Aim Hire's business comes from the EU, the rest is split between the UK, USA and the rest of the world.

Catherine Bearder, MEP and Liberal Democrat politician, visited Aim Hire on May 1, to discuss the consequences of Brexit.

Mrs Bearder said: “Kevin set his business up in the UK in good faith he could build a global business.

“But Brexit has pulled the rug from under the feet of so many business owners like him, forcing them to move elsewhere.

“This also has a knock-on effect, meaning the UK loses huge amounts of revenue from taxes.

“But we can reverse this with a people’s vote on the deal - give us a say Mrs May."