A serious car crash in North Sheen resulted in two people being hospitalised at the weekend.

According to a witness, two cars collided "violently" in Bicester Road, near North Sheen station at around 6pm on Sunday, May 13.

Witness Ludovic Leforestier said: "The cars were badly damaged and both drivers were wheeled away on stretchers by two separate ambulances.

"This junction is notoriously dangerous, with several high-velocity road traffic incidents each and every year.

"The junction line of sight is impeded by parked cars, consistent with a 30 miles per hour limit.

"Local residents have repeatedly asked the council to invest into a raised junction and speed humps in Somerton avenue.

"The council's response so far has been just a few double-yellow lines to improve visibility, hardly a traffic calming measure."

Although the council denied that there are several accidents a year, with its records showing one in three years, it said concerned residents could make a petition.

A Richmond Council spokesman said: “The Council’s accident records show that there has only been one slight recorded accident on the junction of Bicester Road/Somerton Ave in the three year period to December 2017.

“There are many factors that could contribute to an accident, some of which are beyond the design and layout of the road and we are awaiting the accident report from this unfortunate incident as per our standard protocol.

“Our Traffic Management Policy prioritises investment based on clear criteria factors with accidents at the top of this list.

"The Council installed double yellow lines on the junction, approximately twelve months ago, but have encouraged residents to submit a petition if they feel further measures are justified.”

The Liberal Democrats, now the majority in cabinet, said they'd consider introducing 20mph speed limits in residential roads in their manifesto.

If you would like to submit a petition to the council, go to: https://www.richmond.gov.uk/council/have_your_say/petitions