The true story of a firebrand feminist who burned down Lord Leverhulme’s house will be performed at OSO Art Centre in Barnes.

Presented by award-winning company Certain Curtain Theatre, ‘WOMAN ON FIRE’ recounts the life of Mrs Edith Rigby – mild-mannered doctor’s wife, with a secret identity – that of arsonist, bomber and jujitsu-trained militant suffragette.

Written and directed by John Woudberg and performed by Claire Moore (Lady In Red) the play presents both sides of this eccentric woman.

“She is best known for burning down Lord Leverhulme’s house in Rivington – But she was a woman of 'firsts'", said Claire.

"She was the first woman, in Preston, to ride a bicycle – in bloomers!

"She founded one of the first branches of 'The Women's Social and Political Union' and devoted her life to improving the lives of girls and women.

"She was shunned by neighbours but her fiery spirit was not easily dampened. Her story and the wider suffragette struggle is one worth sharing and I hope audiences agree.”

Jailed six times, Edith went on hunger strike to the point of starvation. Released, she went toe-to-toe in ferocious pitched battles with the police.

Writer John said he wanted to tell the story of the UK Suffrage cause through one of its unsung champions.

He said: "We are also having an optional after-show discussion - so it will be wonderful to hear directly from our audiences on the night."

This year is the centenary year of the UK’s Representation of the People Act 1918, which gave some women the vote for the first time - women over the age of 30 who met a property qualification to vote.

Women had to wait until 1928 to achieve the same voting rights as men.

The show is on Monday May 14 and Tuesday 15, at 8pm. Book tickets here: