Air B&B has shared data about visitors using the app to stay in Richmond for the first time.

The company claims it's helping local families earn a little extra income.

Annual earnings for a typical host in Richmond were £2,700 last year and hosts keep 97 per cent of the fee they charge.?

Guests come from 95 different countries and the average stay is 38 nights.

In Richmond, there are 1,000 active Air B&B listings.

With royal history and good transport links, it's unsurprising the area is so popular.

Natasha Mytton Mills, Air B&B campaign manager for UK and Ireland, said: “We are sharing this data to help all Londoners understand the positive impacts of home sharing in their communities.

"Airbnb is building a healthy, sustainable, and inclusive tourism model, one that helps spread the benefits of visitors beyond the typical tourist hotspots, to local families and communities.

"The popularity of London as a visitor destination is undeniable, and hosts on Airbnb are acting as local ambassadors for their communities, helping to celebrate our diversity and bringing more people closer together.”