Inspired by The Friends of Richmond Park and its 'Tread Lightly' nature conservation campaign, Kingston-based craft beer maker, The Park Brewery, has launched a special new beer.

The Friends’ conservation campaign features an award-winning film in which David Attenborough urges people to ‘tread lightly’ when visiting Richmond Park.

To spread love and respect of Richmond Park’s wildlife, The Park Brewery has launched a limited edition beer called Tread Lightly which has been brewed with a reduced carbon footprint and locally sourced ingredients.

The beer is exclusively brewed and dry hopped with newly-released English hop Olicana.

Richard Gray, a Friend of Richmond Park and film co-producer and scriptwriter, said: “We're delighted that The Park Brewery has picked up on our Tread Lightly campaign and that through this creative idea they're taking the conservation message to more people.

"We know that The Park Brewery has many loyal and local fans that we are sure will get behind our campaign and follow David Attenborough’s simple steps to take care of the park.”

Frankie Kearns, co-Founder of The Park Brewery, said: “Richmond Park is our heartland and we are delighted to be getting behind a campaign to celebrate, and preserve its beauty.

"Given its name – Tread Lightly – our beer is a low ABV (3.2%), session beer with delicate and subtle flavours and hints of tropical fruits.

"We hope to reinforce the key messages of the campaign and remind people to leave nothing behind and take nothing away when visiting the park.”

Tread Lightly will be on sale from 15TH May 2018 with a RRP of £2.50 a bottle.

It will be available from local independent bottle shops close to Richmond Park. For stockists please visit www.theparkbrewery/stockists.

The Park Brewery will be Crowd Funding on from May 22, 2018.