A Twickenham mum has ‘run away’ to join the circus.

Marie-Andrée Lemaire will be headlining at Underbelly Festival Southbank 2018, with international circus show SOAP.

The show isn't your standard circus, it's described as 'sexy' as well as hilarious, and has a rather unusual theme.

Marie-Andrée said: "There is an element that brings the show together and it’s the water!

"There’s bathtubs on stage and rain and jets. All different ways to get the artists wet and sometimes the audience too.

"The slippery bathtubs and floors give that extra challenge for the amazing acrobats who will blow your mind with their skills."

The French Canadian will be playing the part of the clown, almost exclusively performed by men in traditional circus.

Marie-Andrée said: "My acts evolve around the water and bath time theme.

"For example, I’m stretching and contorsioning a rather long body to find the best way to wash myself, or I have to find some water to fill my tiny bath, or I am performing a silly feet romance."

She promises despite the bathtub mischief it's "good clean fun" and enthused about the skills of her co-stars.

"Soap is a show that combines circus arts, comedy, opera and dance," she said.

"There is something for everyone. There is amazing acrobatics and beautiful pieces of dance and lots of humour to keep it light and fun for the family."

Marie-Andrée said she had to stop performing in 2013 due to pregnancy but is "very excited" to back in Soap, although she can't pick a favourite act.

"Everything is so different and I like them all for different reasons," she said.

"I do really like the trapeze act because it’s so beautiful with the rain and the melancholy.

"I also like the towel ballet, when the guys perform that tricky act with towels hiding their naked body but doing a ballet routine. It’s a bit cheeky and hilarious!"

Soap also has an eclectic soundtrack, including Gnarls Barkley, The Doors, Mika, and famous classical pieces by Korsakov and Mozart.

The show is running until June 15. You can buy tickets here.