Twickenham road users have been left frustrated after roadworks have causes 'miles' of gridlocked traffic and insane rush hour journey times.

Thames Water has been fixing a leak in King Street, A305, near the junction with London Road.

However, temporary traffic lights didn't prevent traffic chaos this morning (May 8).

Kirsty Keith tweeted: "It took from 0720 to 0900 to travel from Waldegrave Rd to get to this point [the junction at London Road].

"That is worse than slow! What will be different tonight and tomorrow?"

"Traffic is gridlocked for miles around and nobody is working to repair the hole in the road," tweeted David Mitchell.

"Some of our office staff were 1 1/2 hours late. The roadworks are still unattended."

The roadworks are predicted to finish today.

A spokeswoman for Thames Water said: “We’re sorry for any hold-up’s our temporary traffic lights have caused today.

"Our work over the Bank Holiday weekend to fix a leak was completed in the early hours of this morning however there was a delay getting the hole in the road filled in and the road surface replaced.

"This is being done this afternoon and we expect to finish later today.

"In the meantime the lights are being manually controlled to help keep traffic flowing.”