Voters in the London Borough of Richmond have elected their first Green councillors — Andree Frieze, Monica Saunders, Richard Bennett and Dylan Baxendale.

The Green Party fielded one candidate and the Liberal Democrats two candidates as part of an electoral agreement in six wards in the borough.

Andree Frieze said: “This result shows that voters really support grown-up politics where parties co-operate to tackle the issues that matter to our community. We are looking forward to making a real difference in the borough.”

Monica Saunders said: “The first thing our new Green councillors will do is to work with the Liberal Democrat council to introduce 20mph speed limits across the borough. Local people have told us they want safer streets.

We also want to extend food waste recycling collections to all blocks of flats in the borough following a successful Green Party initiative in Ham.”

Dylan Baxendale said: “In the next four years we want to improve provision for cycling and walking, lobby Transport for London to extend and improve a number of bus routes, and protect green spaces. We will also be pushing for any new large developments to be sustainable, not increase traffic and, if they’re residential, to include social housing.

Richard Bennett said: “We have built good relationships with the Liberal Democrats in the wards where we agreed to field one Green and two Lib Dem candidates. We are pleased that we will be able to work together in the council.”