Campaigners took the streets on Sunday to protest new proposals for a junction in Mortlake, which they say will “ruin” the quality of life for nearby residents.

As part of the proposed Stag Brewery development, Reselton Properties wants to widen Chalkers Corner, prompting fears of increased air and noise pollution, traffic and general disturbance for those living in Chertsey Court. 

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The developer says the road works will reduce congestion at peak times, but Mortlake Brewery Community Group (MBCG) has questioned this claim, saying Reselton’s assessment is “far from conclusive” and “may indeed simply attract further traffic”.

A Reselton spokeswoman said the junction “went through a number of design iterations” in “close consultation” with the council, and ensured “no material air quality impacts” will result from the development.

She said: “The impacts on air quality from the proposed development have been thoroughly considered and a road safety audit has been carried out.

“TfL have confirmed that they are satisfied in principal with both the modelling work undertaken and that the proposed improvements mitigate the effect of any additional vehicle trips generated by the development.”

However, Francine Bates, of MBCG, said: “If these plans go through, the people living at Chertsey Court will have their quality of life ruined.

“More cars, more pollution, trees destroyed and open space removed.

“We urge everyone to write to the council and object to this proposal by May 13.”

Trees will be felled at the junction if the changes go ahead.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

The developer’s arboricultural report states that “many of the trees”, which date from the late 19th and early 20th Century, “have the potential to become quite substantial, long lived trees, to the extent that some thinning out may be required in the medium to longer term to allow the natural development of the best specimens”.

The proposed changes for Chalkers Corner are part of a wider development.

Reselton has submitted three planning applications on the former Stag Brewery site, which include a possible 817 apartments, with blocks reaching eight storeys, as well as a secondary school for 900 pupils.

A cinema, hotel, gym, shops, restaurants and office space are also proposed.