The new owners of a much-loved restaurant in North Barnes have had their licence granted, despite objections from neighbours.

San Remo’s licence lapsed after a change of ownership, and the new application sought to extend the restaurant’s hours for the sale of alcohol inside and outside to 12.30am from Monday to Saturday, and to 12am on Sunday.

The owners also wanted to play music during the same time periods.

Previously the Italian restaurant, located at 195 Castelnau, was closed on a Sunday and finished up at 11pm every other day.

People in the area objected to the proposed changes, concerned that late-night drinking “has clear potential to affect the peaceful existence” of residents.

Neighbours said the previous owners, closing at 11pm, were still able to operate “one of the most successful business enterprises in Barnes and most certainly the most successful restaurant in North Barnes”.

One, who “strongly” opposed the application, said: “North Barnes is overwhelmingly a residential area.

“Late night drinking has clear potential to affect the peaceful existence of people whose residence is in this vicinity.”

Another said: “I have been a supporter of San Remo restaurant under the previous management and ownership but with this new licensing application it is indicative of a revised business model which is very much against the local residents’ interests by encouraging noisy and potentially rowdy behaviour.”

The application was granted, except the alcohol hours were cut back by half an hour until midnight Monday to Saturday and until 11.30pm on Sunday.

This is what the previous licence allowed, although the owners did not avail of it.

The committee also imposed conditions to make sure the venue continued to operate as a restaurant.

The decision was made at a licensing sub-committee meeting on April 24.