A late-night bar could be coming to Richmond, sparking protests from neighbours.

The Ice Bar, which would have capacity for more than 100 people, has applied to the council to sell alcohol from 10am to 12am Sunday to Wednesday at 13 Hill Rise, and from 10am to 1.30am from Thursday to Saturday.

The bar also seeks to play music for the same hours, with a half an hour added.

However, the area is under a Cumulative Impact Policy (CIP), which means per the council’s policy, as there is already a high concentration of similar venues around more should be refused.

Residents close to the spot have said the anti-social behaviour already in the area from bars and a nightclub is “frightening”, while one claimed to have been “assaulted when walking home by late night revellers”.

One said: “Enough is enough.

“There is no point in having a CIP if it is not applied and this application is the most egregious for many years with live music until 2am or midnight depending on the day of the week.”

Another said: “Apart from the noise of customers on the pavement we get broken glass, sick, cigarette ends and various other forms of rubbish dumped on the pavement.

“In addition, cars plus motor bikes and taxis frequently block our entrance to with some very aggressive behaviour when politely asked to move.

“As a result, we are nervous venturing out in the evening and certainly our children will not bring their children to see us in the evenings as there is no protection from harm.

“One of our neighbours recently had their car vandalised which is unsurprising as there are no measures in place to prevent crime and disorder.

“Should this application succeed our quality of life can only deteriorate.”

The Richmond Society and Met Police have also submitted objections.

The application is due to be debated at a sub-licensing committee meeting on Tuesday, April 17.