Former newspaper offices in Teddington High Street could be demolished to make way for 22 affordable shared ownership flats.

Informer House, a 1980s two-storey building which was home to The Informer, would be demolished to make way for flats reaching six storeys at their highest.  

The previous application made on behalf of Richmond Housing Partnership was approved on October 10, 2017, but minor changes are being proposed to make it more attractive.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

The changes “provide a calmer appearance” and “reduce the overall mass of the building on the townscape” according to local architects Wimshurst Pelleritir.  

Neighbour notification began on March 13, so far there have been four objections and one approval, following alterations to the design.

Speaking on behalf of The Teddington Society, Veronica Laughrin, said: “We support these changes to this proposed development at 2 High Street.

“The amended top floor plan should go some way towards reducing the impact on the townscape -depending on the materials used.

“The proposed alterations in the fenestration certainly improve the appearance of the building in the front (north) elevation.”

The lack of greenery offered was questioned again.

“This is essentially an urban building and its impact on our village could be softened with some significant planting that would make it more tolerable for the many pedestrians using the bridge,” they said.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Commenting on the plan, Sue Shanks of Broad Street said: “As a local resident I wish to complain in the strongest terms about the proposed development of this site. 

“The increase in traffic, noise and pollution is simply not acceptable. I cannot believe that such a large development has even got this far as it involves a massive demolition and major rebuilding project lasting years to create an eyesore.”

The flats are intended for households not earning any more than £45,000.

In shared ownership, the buyer typically uses a mortgage to fund one share and pay discounted rent on the remaining share to the housing provider, with the opportunity to purchase additional shares later. 

A decision will be made on June 7.