A full list of candidates standing in the upcoming local elections in Richmond was published today (April 9).

They represent the Labour Party (54), Conservative Party (54), Liberal Democrats (48), Green Party (6), UKIP (4), Socialist Party (1), Independent (1), and Women's Equality Party (1).

Each candidate is fighting for one of three spaces in each ward.

As it stands, there are 37 Conservative councillors, 14 Liberal Democrat councillors, and two Labour councillors.


• Nicola Jane Albon- Green Party

• Aphra Brandreth- Conservative Party

• Adam Buick- The Socialist Party

• Merlene Emerson- Liberal Democrats

• Judith Enright- Labour Party

• Paul Hodgins- Conservative Party- serving leader

• Alec Lever- Labour Party

• Anne McKee- Liberal Democrats

• Rita Palmer- Conservative Party- serving

• Sachin Patel- Labour Party

Conservative Cllr Christine Percival, currently representing Barnes, will not be standing

East Sheen

• Mona Adams- Liberal Democrats

• Julia Cambridge- Liberal Democrats

• Deborah Genders- Labour Party

• James Heath- Liberal Democrats 

• Seamus Joyce- Conservative Party

• Brian Marcel- Conservative Party- serving

• Giles Oakley- Labour Party

• Robert Thompson- Conservative Party- serving

• Rowan Woodward- Labour Party

Conservative Lord True, currently representing East Sheen, will not be standing

Fulwell & Hampton Hill

• Mark Boyle- Conservative Party- serving

• Joe Broughton- Conservative Party

• Jane Butters- Labour Party

• Jonathan Cardy- Liberal Democrat- serving

• Adam Gladstone- Labour Party

• Matthew Hull- Liberal Democrats

• Catherine Pickering- Labour Party

• Monica Saunders- Green Party

• Saba Shaukat- Conservative Party

Lib Dem Cllr Jerry Elloy, currently representing Fulwell & Hampton Hill, will not be standing

Ham, Petersham & Richmond Riverside

• Jed Baxter- Labour Party

• Andrée Frieze- Green Party

• Penny Frost- Liberal Democrats- serving

• Sara Gezdari- Conservative Party

• Sandra Keen- Labour Party

• Jean Loveland- Conservative Party- serving

• Danny Moran- Labour Party

• Gareth Richards- Liberal Democrats

• Radomir Tylecote- Conservative Party

Conservative Cllr Sarah Tippett, currently representing Ham, Petersham & Richmond Riverside, will not be standing

Hampton North

• Avril Coelho- Liberal Democrats

• Cathy Driscoll- Labour Party

• Jerry Elloy- Liberal Democrats

• Harpreet Gill- Labour Party

• Kate Howard- Conservative Party- serving

• York Membery- Liberal Democrats

• Philip Moshi- Labour Party

• Paul Rodwell- UKIP

• Geoffrey Samuel- Conservative Party-serving

• Martin Seymour- Conservative Party- serving


• Bob Bollen- Labour Party

• Christopher Fawcett- Labour Party

• Margaret Mills- Labour Party

• Suzette Nicholson- Liberal Democrats- serving

• Gareth Roberts- Liberal Democrats- serving opposition leader

• Tim Rosser- Conservative Party

• Petra Sale- Conervative Party- serving

  • Jon Slinn- Conservative Party

• Geraint Thomason- Liberal Democrats

Hampton Wick

• Tony Arbour- Conservative Party- serving

• Dylan Baxendale- Green Party

• Robin Brown- Liberal Democrats

• Chris Harrison- Conservative Party

• Caroline Loewenstein- Labour Party

• Jim Millard- Liberal Democrats

• Eva Tutchell- Labour Party

• Gerard Ward- Labour Party

• Suzy Webb- Conservative Party

Conservative Cllr Gareth Evans and Lib Dem Cllr Geraldine Locke, both of whom currently represent Hampton Wick, will not be standing


• Alan Butler- Conservative Party- serving

• John Coombs- Liberal Democrats- serving

• Sergio Cortes Allsopp- Labour Party

• George Dryja- Conservative Party

• Peter Dul- UKIP

• Jan Kilsby- Labour Party

• Lesley Pollesche- Liberal Democrats

• Ranjeev Walia- Labour Party

• Buddhi Weerasinghe- Conservative Party

• Michael Wilson- Liberal Democrats

Conservative Cllr Annie Hambidge, who represented Heathfield, resigned earlier this year


• J-F Burford- Liberal Democrats

• Lotte Campanale- Liberal Democrats

• Ian Craigie- Liberal Democrats

• Monica Horner- Conservative Party- serving

• David Linnette- Conservative Party- serving

• Barnaby Marder- Labour Party

• Roger Metcalfe- Conservative Party

• Duska Rosenberg- Labour Party

• René Smit- Labour Party

Conservative Cllr Meena Bond, currently representing Kew, will not be standing

Mortlake & Barnes Common

• Christina Atchison- Labour Party

• Paul Avon- Conservative Party- serving

• Alice Bridges-Westcott- Liberal Democrats

• Tim Catchpole- Liberal Democrats

• Gemma Curran- Conservative Party- serving

• Michael Dingemans- Liberal Democrats

• Edward Jones- Labour Party

• Tim Mack- Conservative Party

• Maureen Metzger- Labour Party

Conservative Cllr Richard Martin, currently representing Mortlake & Barnes Common, will not be standing

North Richmond

• Thomas Absolon- Labour Party

• Nancy Baldwin- Liberal Democrats

• Jason Hilder- Conservative Party

• Jane Keep- Conservative Party

• Fiona O’Farrell- Labour Party

• Richard Pyne- Liberal Democrats

• Maxwell Smith- Labour Party

• Stephen Speak- Conservative Party- serving

• Richard Warren- Liberal Democrats

Mayor of Richmond, Conservative Cllr Lisa Blakemore, and Conservative Cllr Margaret Buter, will not be standing

South Richmond

• Peter Buckwell- Conservative Party- serving

• Pamela Fleming- Conservative Party- serving

• Michael Freedman- Labour Party

• Deborah Huggett- Labour Party

• Robert Leon- UKIP

• Edwin Makurah- Labour Party

• Elizabeth Nash- Green Party

• Bill Newton- Liberal Democrats

• Thomas O’malley- Conservative Party- serving

• Paulina Vassileva- Liberal Democrats

South Twickenham

• Richard Bennett- Green Party

• Michael Butlin- Liberal Democrats

• Clare Head- Conservative Party- serving

• Sampson Low- Labour Party

• Katie Mansfield- Liberal Democrats

• David Marlow- Conservative Party- serving

• Beatriz McGawn- Labour Party

• David Porter- Conservative Party- serving

• Manju Walia- Labour Party

St. Margarets & North Twickenham

• Geoff Acton- Liberal Democrats- serving

• Gordon Alexander- Labour Party

• Helen Edward- Conservative Party

• Alexander Ehmann- Liberal Democrats- serving

• Rachel Evans- Labour Party

• Adam Hinton- Labour Party

• Nathaniel Ikeazor- Conservative Party

• Ben Khosa- Liberal Democrats- serving

• Thomas Pangbourne- Independent

• Phillip Brian- Conservative Party


• Richard Baker- Liberal Democrats

• Penny Banaji- Labour Party

• Neil Browning- Labour Party

• Louise Creighton- Labour Party

• Martin Elengorn- Liberal Democrats- serving

• Richard Fitter- Conservative Party

• Elizabeth Foster- Conservative Party

• Simon Lamb- Conservative Party

• Tim Woodcock- Liberal Democrats

Labour Cllrs Jennifer Churchill and Stephen Knight, who represent Teddington, will not be standing

Twickenham Riverside

• Alexandre Andrews- Conservative Party

• Susan Chappell- Conservative Party- serving

• James Chard- Liberal Democrats

• Roger Crouch- Liberal Democrats

• Rhonda Evans- Labour Party

• David Harley- Labour Party

• Helen Hill- Conservative Party- serving

• Julia Neden-Watts- Liberal Democrats

• Caroline Rayfield- Women's Equality Party

• Harvey Woolfe- Labour Party

Conservative Cllr Benedict Dias, who represents Twickenham Riverside, will not be standing

West Twickenham

• Piers Allen- Liberal Democrats- serving

• Jane Boulton- Conservative Party- serving

• Jennifer Churchill- Labour Party

• Alan Juriansz- Liberal Democrats

• Helen Lee-Parsons- Liberal Democrats- serving

• Paul Nacmanson- Conservative Party

• John Plastow- Labour Party

• Sheba Sogol- Conservative Party

• David Sparrow- UKIP

• Dr Paul Tanto- Labour Party


• Jasmin Athwal- Labour Party

• Gareth Elliott- Conservative Party- serving

• Paul Hampartsoumian- No party specified

• Grant Healy- Conservative Party- serving

• Daniel Hilton- Labour Party

• Mark Hopkins- Labour Party

• Jo Humphreys- Liberal Democrats

• Liz Jaeger- Liberal Democrats- serving

• Sophie Lister- Conservative Party

• Rob O’Carroll- Liberal Democrats