Richmond Council has proposed 78 electric vehicle charging sites in the borough, the majority of which are in Barnes.

A lack of charging points were identified as a key problem for electric vehicles, in a survey by Transport for London.

The council approached residents living nearby the possible sites for their opinions.

And a follow-up report showed only 28 people responded, but most, 86 per cent, were in favour. The consultation closed on March 11.

"There was a strong consensus that building charging points on streets will inspire more people to choose electric vehicles," said the report.

It added: "Locating charging points in supermarket car parks was a popular suggestion.

"It was suggested that supermarkets have the capacity to monitor use and have a high turnover thus would be suitable for housing public charging points.

"Sainsbury’s in Richmond and Kew Retail Park were mentioned on numerous occasions."

Many of the proposed charging sites, such as the one in Beverley Road, would remove three parking spaces from residents.

Those who had concerns pointed out the council wouldn't have any control over the cost of charging, which would be set by private company Source London.

Electric car owning residents would have to pay £8.64 per night to park between 8.00pm and 7.00am, based on Source London's current overnight cap.

Information about the charges was not present in the consultation, which was criticised by a respondent.

Some residents were concerned there was no evidence of consulting with other boroughs, according to the report.