A golf club in Richmond has raised £51,000 for the families of seriously ill children.

In partnership with Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity, Richmond Golf Club raised the money through support from club members and numerous fundraising events throughout the year.

The money will be enough to fund a Rainbow Trust Family Support Worker for over a year.

The Trust helps families who have a child with a life-threatening illness make the most of their time together.

Each family is paired with a support worker who helps at home and in the hospital for as long as is needed.

Richmond Club captains Grant Elner and Gill Howell said: “The Richmond Golf Club has a rich history of donating to worthwhile causes. It was important in our captains’ year that we chose a charity we both were happy to support.

“After a lengthy interview and presentation process we chose Rainbow Trust.

“We both felt happy that the charity clearly defined its charitable model, which is important when presenting this to our membership. If you don’t fully understand the cause you are donating to, it does reflect in the response you receive.

“Rainbow Trust met this challenge and we had a very successful year, raising a final total in excess of £51,000.

“This is the largest total we have raised in many years and we had many favourable comments from our members with regards to the presentations and literature given at our charity days, together with a good understanding of how our donations will be utilised.

“We wish the charity all the very best for the future and hope that we may work together again.”

Oonagh Goodman, director of Fundraising and marketing at Rainbow Trust, said: “We are incredibly grateful that Richmond Golf Club has raised such a fantastic amount of money from our Charity of the Year Partnership.

“The money raised will help Rainbow Trust fund our vital support for families with a seriously ill child giving them precious time when it matters more than ever.”