Love Mortlake Community Group is calling on the council to engage with locals on a development that will have a “significant impact” on the community.

Reselton Properties has proposed a development in the area on a 22-acre site which it promises will “put the heart back into Mortlake”, including shops, bars, restaurants, a gym, hotel and cinema, as well as a rowing club

MBCB has raised £11,000 to fund an independent, expert, environmental and community impact assessment once the planning application from the developers behind the Stag Brewery Regeneration is available to the public.

The plans were submitted to Richmond Council last month but are yet to be validated.

In September last year a Network Rail report found that the Mortlake level crossing was “high risk” to everyone who uses it.

The crossing had an increase in users after Thomas House School opened in 2013, and concerns were raised in the report about the potential impact of the upcoming Mortlake Brewery Development just 200 metres from the rail line.

A MBCG meeting was held on Monday, March 5, to discuss concerns about the development.

Francine Bates, of MBCG, said: “This is the biggest development in the borough and it’s going to have a very significant impact.

“The community is still concerned about the development and the fact that it could have a detrimental impact on the area.

“The council really needs to engage with the community.

“We expect the council to have public meetings, not just in York House- it’s too big for that.

“They need to go that extra mile so that everyone in Mortlake is aware of the plans that are in and that are going in.

“The council needs to be informed of people’s views in Mortlake and the surrounding area.”

A council spokesman said: “The application has now been submitted to the council and is currently going through the validation process.

“Once validated, the public consultation process will start.

“At this point community groups, consultees and neighbours will be given the opportunity to make representation on the proposal, and these will be taken into consideration when the application is assessed.

“Members of the public will also have the chance to be make further representations on the application once it has been referred to the planning committee.

“The council is satisfied that it has been active in engaging with the community in relation to this proposal both at the pre-application and planning application stage.”