A councillor in Richmond has resigned over alleged “culturally insensitive” comments.

Former Heathfield Councillor Annie Hambidge was out canvassing and knocked on a resident’s door who was not a supporter, according to council leader councillor Paul Hodgins.

Cllr Paul Hodgins, said: “By all accounts, the discussion escalated into an intense disagreement, during which two things were said that I feel were culturally insensitive.

“Cllr Hambidge insisted to me that was not how she intended it.

“Nevertheless, what we say is important.

“I have stated multiple times that ultimately everything our administration does is about building strong, active, and inclusive communities.

“I very much mean that.

“Moreover, it is we who are knocking on residents’ doors, asking for their views.

“We must respect the views they give us.

“As a result, Cllr Hambidge offered and I accepted her resignation.

“I have apologised myself to the resident for his experience of an incident that should never have happened.”

Mrs Hambidge, who was elected in 2002, has said she will get a statement to the Richmond and Twickenham Times as soon as possible, noting it was a “shame” what happened and she “did not mean anything to be ‘culturally insensitive’”.

The council has confirmed there will not be a by-election as the local elections will be held in fewer than six months.