An 80-year-old Richmond resident received a letter threatening to “kill” her over Brexit.

The letter, sent to the unnamed woman, read: “We were born in Britain.

“We live in the UK.

“We are European.

“If you attempt to take away part of someone’s identity. There are consequences.

“We have watched [as] you stoked the fires of Brexit and led us to this moment.

“You can no longer be tolerated. We are coming for you. We are going to kill you.

“The real 48 per cent.”

The pensioner’s MP Zac Goldsmith, who handed the letter into police, said: “It’s very shocking for anyone to receive a letter like that, let alone a lady in her eighties.

“Police have assured me they will do what they can to identify the person behind it.”

Richmond police confirmed an investigation was launched following this incident: “On Monday, February 5, a malicious communications allegation was reported to police.

“Officers from Richmond Borough are investigating.

“No arrests have been made at this time.”

Just two days ago on February 12, Conservative MP Andrea Leadsom received the same letter.

Mrs Leadsom described the letter as “despicable” and called whoever sent it a “coward”.

Police are also investigating the incident.

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