A stop-motion animation about the women’s suffrage movement created by local teenagers is having it’s first showing tomorrow (February 13).

“Suffrage Tales”, was made by a group of 14 teenagers using research from records held at The National Archives in Kew.

While some had dabbled in film-making before, the experience of turning archival research into animation was a new one.

Helped by professional filmmakers Nigel Kellaway and Kate Sullivan, they were able to translate the challenging content of the files into a piece of art.

Yasmin, one of the animators, said “I was rather shocked by the great resources available at the Archives, which I previously was completely unaware of… it was a completely different experience to learning within a classroom, which was particularly great.”

Another animator, Sholto, said: Sholto said: “It was an amazing opportunity to get up close with genuine original documents from the period.”

The teenagers – aged between 16 and 19 – spent a week in The National Archives working with original records to interpret them.

Rachel Hillman, education operations manager, education and outreach at The National Archives, said: “Suffrage Tales conveys these young people’s response to archival material – it is their interpretation of the fight for women’s suffrage as detailed in the records.

“This film is testament to the engaging power of original documents, and to the creativity and enthusiasm of a committed group of young people”.

Yasmin added: “Suffrage Tales has inspired me to believe these tales of suffrage should be transferred to our generation, giving us the inspiration to struggle against something that limits us or our liberty.”

The film is showing on February 13, from 7.00pm. The event is free, but attendees should RSVP via emily.morris@nationalarchives.gov.uk

The film trailer can be seen here: https://youtu.be/rckHTQ0Ze9M