The moment a block of ice fell from the sky in Kew and smashed to pieces just yards from unsuspecting passers-by has been caught on camera.

The incident, which happened just before 9am, was captured on CCTV and the block can be seen crashing at great speed into the ground in North Road.

Although it is not known where the ice came from, it is thought it could have fallen from an aeroplane passing overhead.

Council worker Serhiy Myeshkov was just across the road when the ice fell. 

He said: “I was sweeping on the other side of the road, then heard a loud boom.”

“A piece of ice, maybe 10 kilograms big, fell from either a plane or from the sky. It all happened very quickly.”

He added: “I wasn’t scared, but it could kill you. I feel lucky.”

Pavi Singh, who works in the family-owned Kew Convenience Store just metres from where the ice fell, heard the crash from inside the shop.

He said: “I heard it and went outside immediately because it was a really big bang.

“There were passers-by and they said it was something from the sky.

“I’m so glad no one was hurt or anyone was around it.”

Pavi added that planes often pass overhead.

Social media users were shocked after Pavi posted the video online to raise awareness.

One said: “What if it crashed into a pushchair?”

Another said: “That is so scary! Thank goodness no one was hurt, I cross the road with my daughter there every day.

“Going to be walking looking up from now on.”

Ice falling from planes is rare, but when it does happen, it is usually down to water leaking from the aircraft, freezing in sub-zero temperatures and falling to the ground.

A spokesman for the UK Civil Aviation Authority said: “Although ice does very occasionally fall from aircraft, it can also be the result of meteorological phenomena.

“We receive around 30 reported ice falls every year, although we are not certain how many of these incidents are the result of ice falling from an aircraft.”

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