A Hampton school is in the 'best shape' it has been for years after a visit from its MP - who was so impressed he even offered work experience to pupils.

Hampton High, in Hanworth Road, was visited by Twickenham MP and Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable earlier this month, with the politician praising the leadership of new headteacher Rebecca Poole, who took charge in September.

Sir Vince described the previous Kunskapsskolan Swedish model at the school, when it was known as Hampton Academy, as an “experiment” that “didn’t meet the needs of pupils”.

Speaking during the visit, he said: “I was highly impressed by the three young people who showed me around today. From this brief visit It is clear that the school has an engaged and enthusiastic cohort of students.

“In my years visiting Hampton High, I have seen many comings and goings, many ups and downs but I am very pleased to discover the school in the best shape I have seen it for many years

“Today I have learned the reasoning behind this is a very strong leadership team that has been put in place.

“I am pleased the school has now partnered with local schools in Teddington and Twickenham.

“Rather than doing each other down, schools are now working together to provide a better standard of education for children.

“It is clear that this cooperative approach is starting to yield very positive results for each school in the Trust.”