A Twickenham woman suffering chronic kidney disease said she “might as well be dead” after her partner was denied entry to the UK to look after her.

Lisa Chappell, 53, has polycystic kidney disease stage 5, rendering her very ill and hardly able to look after herself.

He doctor said she will need a kidney transplant and/or dialysis in the “very near future”.

Lisa grew up in care and has no family so was desperately hoping her partner Amechi Hall, whom she met in Jamaica two years ago, could come on a six month visa to look after her.

However, Mr Hall was denied entry by the Home Office in August because they “didn’t believe we were life partners and we don’t have children”, despite various letters of support.

Things have gone from bad to worse since; Lisa spent Christmas alone and was hospitalised twice.

She said: “The hospital just gave me morphine and sent me home alone.

“I feel so helpless- I may as well be dead.

“I don’t see the point of continuing my treatment.”

Along with Mr Hall’s application for the six month stay were letters of support from the previous Twickenham MP Tania Mathias, Lisa’s doctor, her nurse and a friend.

Dr Chanyoung Kang wrote: “Ms Chappell’s renal disease is progressive and she will need to have a kidney transplant and/ or dialysis in the very near future.

“She has no family support and is finding it very difficult to cope on her own.”

He added that “it would be of great benefit” if her partner was issued the visa.

Former Twickenham MP Dr Tania Mathias said, after speaking with Lisa’s immigration lawyers and seeing her medical records, that she was “convinced the application is genuine”.

She wrote: “Having seen her medical records, I agree with her doctor’s view that it would be of great benefit to Lisa if her partner could be granted a six month visa in order to come to the UK.

“I am therefore very happy to support Mr Hall’s application for entry clearance which I very much hope will be successful.”

Lisa paid more than £1,000 to have the visa application processed and would have supported Mr Hall during his time in the UK.

However, in the letter of refusal from the Home Office, the officer said he was “not satisfied that you and your sponsor are life partners given that your relationship is less than two years old, you have not co-habited for any extended period of time nor have children together”.

Lisa has been unable to have children because of her condition.

The officer added that he was “not satisfied” Mr Hall would leave after six months.

Her lawyer advised she could apply again but it would cost nearly £2,000.

Lisa said: “I was alone over Christmas, sick with nobody to help me.

“I could have died and no one would have known.

“I feel really down.”

A Home Office spokesman said: “Applications for visit visas are considered on their individual merits and in line with UK immigration rules.

“As part of the process, the Home Office must be satisfied that applicants can support themselves during their stay and intend to leave the UK when their visit visa expires.”

Twickenham MP Vince Cable said: “I am very concerned about the treatment of Lisa Chappell and her partner.  

“The Home Office must show compassion and common sense, and allow her partner into the country to look after her.”