Santa and his sleigh accompanied Rotary Club members as they walked through Twickenham, Whitton and Hanworth on twelve nights of Christmas.

Father Christmas (also known as past president Less Rushbury) has carried out this duty since 1995 and now greets the children of those he first met when were children themselves.

Between December 1 to 20, members were accompanying Santa and meeting the community they serve.

Rotary Club press officer David Gregory said: “Each year our members are overwhelmed by the warmth of the response that we receive, the excitement of the children, and the generosity of their parents.

“Christmas to us is vital in helping us obtain the funds which, accompanied by the efforts of our members, enables us to help both the local community, local schools, and those affected by natural disasters in other parts of the World such as the earthquake in Nepal.

“This year, thanks to your readers and all the community, we have been able to raise the fantastic sum of £8,248 beating even the previous year’s total of £8,213.

“We would like to record our thanks to CPC Battery Services, whose batteries light up our sleigh each year.”