Have your little ones been good this year?

They can keep track of exactly how close Father Christmas is to delivering their presents on Christmas Eve thanks to Norad. 

The North American Aerospace Defense Command helps keep families up to date with where Father Christmas is around the globe. 

To check where in the world he is on Christmas Eve click here. 

Norad's regular mission is to oversee potential air threats against the USA and Canada.

But for the last 60 years on Christmas Eve, the organisation’s attention has been fixed on the North Pole. 

The Norad tradition of 'tracking' Santa reportedly began in 1955 when a business misprinted the telephone number for its Santa hotline.

Children were instead put through to the organisation’s predecessor, the Continental Air Defence Command Operations Centre, and staff members decided to play along and take the calls. 

From around 7am UK time on Christmas Eve, people can visit their Santa tracking website to watch a 'livestream' video of Santa's pre-flight preparations. 

You can also email noradtrackssanta@outlook.com to find out Father Christmas' location or Norad’s social media accounts will also be updated throughout the day. 

Google will also be 'monitoring' Santa's whereabouts with their tracker available through its site on Christmas Eve.