A 20mph speed limit could be introduced to Richmond Borough after a rise in public demand.  

More and more petitions are being submitted to the council and residents are becoming increasingly “frustrated” when their speed limit demands are struck down.

Currently, if concerned residents want 20mph in their road they need to submit a petition.

The council then evaluates the impact of the speed limit, which involves looking at data including traffic volumes, speeds and accident rates.

If a 20mph limit is deemed a good idea, a formal consultation is launched with all affected residents.

At last week’s full council meeting, the cabinet member for highways, Peter Buckwell, announced that the council would now look at the possibility of a 20mph limit being introduced across the whole borough, where appropriate, with the aim of reducing speeds.

 Cllr Buckwell said it has “always been” the council’s objective to introduce a 20mph speed limit in the areas where residents want it but said the current process “hasn’t worked for everyone” with residents left “frustrated” after their petitions failed.

He added: “Therefore, we propose to consider a general move towards a 20mph speed limit across the whole borough where appropriate.

“Our highways are changing.

“Across London more and more boroughs are introducing a speed limit. The lack of consistency for drivers is confusing.

“We have more road users who we wish to protect and not discourage; cyclists, children walking to school and older people driving for longer into old age.

“We have more young families in the borough and we wish to encourage active travel.

“We also have to anticipate the future of our cars – with driverless vehicles on the not too distant horizon.

“We need to be preparing for these changes.

Over the next few months the council will prepare a borough-wide scheme for consultation.