Forget an invasion of ducks and swans in your back garden if it floods - this woman found something a little more exotic washed up on her lawn.

Bonnie Green, who lives on Hampton Court Road, said she has seen a steady flow of about four or five dozen baby Chinese mitten crabs traversing her garden since the heavy rain and flash floods last weekend.

She said: "They have probably been washed away from where they would normally be and are heading back.

"They seem to be heading up river.

"It's been crab carnage on the main road outside.

"I have lived here for about 10 years and never seen anything like it."

The Environment Agency have issued a warning to residents to watch out for the crafty crustaceans, reminding people to keep toilet lids closed in case they climb up the U-bend.

The creatures are not classed as dangerous, but can cause damage to river bank habitats with their tunneling.

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