There are many compelling reasons why it makes sense to advertise your business through our websites.

The first major advantage we have is our massive online audience, with a monthly average of 1.4m unique users visiting our nine sites that cover south London as well as parts of Kent and Surrey.

Our sites, along with social media platforms where we also have many tens of thousands of followers, offer advertisers the opportunity to reach and influence highly engaged local audiences who come for the daily diet of news, sport and entertainment updates posted seven days a week, morning to night.

Our news brands have all been around for decades providing reliable service to the community, meaning they can be trusted by readers and advertisers alike.

Statistics highlight how local news site content is trusted almost three times more than what gets posted on social networks.

Our expertise and experience can help you reach many new potential customers – but, more specifically, we can help you reach those people most likely to buy your product or service.

Partnering with industry-leading data companies, we capture and define our network visitors; enabling advertisers to create bespoke digital ad campaigns that are highly targeted and customised for business-specific needs.

This data-driven approach ensures our digital solutions reach and engage the right audience, at the right time, driving targeted traffic to advertiser websites, while raising brand awareness.

Audience extension is also available as part of our digital solutions; ensuring we always deliver our advertisers a targeted audience – wherever they happen to be browsing.

This is just a taster of how we can assist your digital media and marketing solutions.

For a more detailed discussion don’t hesitate to contact Jennie McPherson for south-east London and north Kent (News Shopper) on 07850 262 837 or Emma Sallabanks for south-west London (south London Guardian, Surrey Comet, Richmond & Twickenham Times) on 0208 722 6452.