Is it ever too early to start thinking about saving money? Year two pupils at Buckingham Primary School in Hampton were treated to a reading from ‘Save Your Acorns’ author and father-of-two Rob Gardner yesterday.

The book is designed to teach the basics of saving to children between the ages of four to six and follows a group of squirrels who learn that by ‘investing’ their acorns they can plan for the future.

Mr Gardner is also giving a free copy of Save Your Acorns to every primary school in London in celebration of World Savings Day (October 31).

He said: “The system for teaching young people about money is outdated. While we educate people about a massive range of subjects - financial planning remains 'off the radar' for the very young.

“We need to equip children with the skills they need from a young age. There’s an old the saying - 'give me a lever and I can move the world'. When it comes to finance, that lever is time.”

Gardner was inspired to pen the book last year when he was unable to find a children’s story that would teach his two daughters about the importance of thinking about money.

For schools outside London, Gardner’s charity and financial literacy programme RedSTART will be launching educational material free of charge for teachers to access online from mid-November.

Mr Gardner added: “I’m passionate about getting financial literacy onto the curriculum at primary schools, but until then at least children and teachers can have access to the lessons via Save Your Acorns and the RedSTART materials we’re providing for free.”

In 2006 Mr Gardner co-founded Redington, now the fourth largest investment consultant in the UK with over £400 billion in assets.

London primary schools wishing to claim their free copy of Save Your Acorns should send a large stamped addressed envelope to Save Your Acorns, RedSTART, 6th Floor, One Angel Court, London, EC2R 7HJ or visit