The final ball may have been bowled at Priory Park Club after 113 years of use.

The historic Bowls Club in Kew closed, apparently due to problems funding grounds maintenance after the loss of its ageing members.

The club was founded by local businessman Alfred Ladbrook who also built the entire Priory Estate in Kew.

His son, Alfred Henry, was a keen bowls player and won the Priory Park Championship several times.

Sue Beven, granddaughter of Alfred Ladbrook, said: “I feel very sad about it because my father was involved very much and he played for Surrey Bowls and won many trophies.

“He was very keen on keeping the bowls club going.”

John Edwards, a member of the tennis club, said: “I’ve always known a bowls club to be there and I’m very disappointed; I used to go and sit and watch them as a teenager.”

The club Chairman, Robert Wood-Jones, said: “It’s true that sadly the bowls season is coming to an end because it’s been in decline for some time.

“We ended up having to bring in outside contractors to work on the bowls green.

“The bowls section has been ageing for many years and because of that we couldn’t get the funds.”

Mrs Beven added: “Bowls is a really thriving sport these days for young people and I can’t believe they can’t get the funds in.”

Priory Park will continue as a tennis club and Mr Wood-Jones said they will look at what can be done with the land in the future for the community